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gamesense Sports Is Developing Reaction Training for Baseball and Softball


gameSense Sports are working on becoming the authority on sports decision making by turning to science to create a visual reaction training solution for athletes. They focus on pitch recognition in Softball and Baseball to help with training and high-speed perceptual decision making. From the convenience of their smartphone, tablet, or computer, in just five minutes a day, 5 days a week users can see 1,000’s of pitches from top-grade professional, college, and travel pitchers.

Founded by Leonard Zaichkowsky, Peter Fadde, Tom Pardikes, gameSense designed, produced and tested digitized products based on methods developed in sport science laboratories. Through their company, they aim to test and improve sports decision-making for professional, collegiate, and youth athletes.

gameSense incorporates the latest advances in cognitive science, expertise training, and computer technology, to identify, measure, and train the skills that are integral to sports experts. Their techniques focus on early pattern recognition and long-term working memory – which research proves are a critical advantage of expert performers. gameSense uses cognitive science to understand how we see sport patterns, learn them, and then act upon them.

gameSense helps teach any athlete how to make better decisions on the field, pitch, court, and even ice. More specifically, their technology helps:

  • Target sport specific decisions
  • Challenge athletes by limiting information
  • Drill and quiz
  • Track performance

They use validated techniques to make the most effective and efficient products on the market today – at a fraction of the cost. Their goal is not to replicate the game experience but rather, to accelerate “thinking without thinking” and fluid sports performance.  

baseball player swinging bat