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IdealSeat Helps Find the ‘Best Seat in the House’ to Help Companies Increase Revenue

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When it comes to buying a ticket, we all want the perfect seat. But, sometimes finding this seat can be more difficult than anticipated. However, this challenge has now been made easy with IdealSeat, an Experience Recommendation Engine that helps sports and entertainment companies increase conversion rates, and fan loyalty by welcoming them to the new era of ticketing.

Through their sales and marketing platform, IdealSeat is able to help teams and ticketing companies maximize ticket sales, improve the customer purchasing process, and build powerful fan profiles. Thereby, they help teams increase conversion rates and ticket values – while getting a 10X – or more – return on investment.

Powered by their advanced Fan Intelligence platform, IdealSeat utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide teams and ticketing companies with data-driven recommendations. Their algorithm analyzes 450 million data points about your team, venue, and fans in real-time, to build a customized sales dashboard that integrates directly to a team or ticketing company’s website. On this dashboard, sales teams can guide fans into discovering and purchasing tickets based on their desired experience, thereby, minimizing decision fatigue and reducing negative experiences. Even more, this platform allows sales teams to grow fans into loyal customers and season ticket holders.
IdealSeat was co-founded by Adam Navarrete, Joel Carben, and Spencer Fornaciari. They understood that in this day and age, personalization is the way to go. Which is why they decided to create a platform that finds the “Best Seat in the Stadium,” and personalizes the purchase process for live event experiences.

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