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Grind Is Creating Game-Changing Equipment for Athletes


Thomas Fields, athlete turned tech entrepreneur discovered the lack of well-designed sports equipment during his time training, and decided to attack the problem head-on by founding GRIND – the world’s first portable shooting machine.

GRIND exists to inspire greater purpose in every athlete. GRIND uses sports-science and technology to design interactive, game-changing products for athletes, coaches, and teams to get better.

They accomplish this by merging sports, design, and technology to develop experience-driven, products and services that change the player’s lives. Starting with basketball, GRIND has reimagined basketball’s most notable training machine -the rebounding machine- and designed it to solve the problem of athletes.

Developed by athletes, designers, and engineers, the company’s first product is the first portable shooting machine that folds into a large travel bag and streamlines professional training to every athlete’s backyard.

GRIND is working to elevate the practice experience for every athlete in the world by using sports science and technology to develop interactive products for athletes, coaches, and teams to get better. And, with their tech, they managed to inspire a greater purpose in athletes, through sports.

Even more, using the GRIND app users can track their progress, view their in training metrics during every workout. The app keeps a detailed record of shots made, missed, and shooting percentage per spot so users can see their improvement over time.

In the future, Thomas Fields plans to use GRIND to leverage technology through sports and bridge the racial and inequality gap within black and Latinx communities.

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