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PredictEV Increases Transparency for Sports Betting


These days, the internet is filled with self-proclaimed “experts” publishing their sports predictions. And, while this may be great, these predictions are of low-value when it comes to sports betting due to their lack of legitimacy and verification.

Nate Shaw, Brian Cohen, Andrew Sharp, Benjamin Kussman, and Tianyang Zhang understood this as a serious problem and as a result of their shared love for sports, betting, and blockchain technology created PredictEV – a blockchain-powered social network that focuses on sports predictions and related predictive content.

When users log onto the network, they are presented with predictive content on upcoming games from verified handicappers with a well know track record. Users can scroll through a game’s posts to see picks from their favorite handicappers or those users that are on a hot streak. Even more, users can see why a user is making a certain prediction — allowing the sources to better demonstrate their bona fides.

The company upends the traditional social network model by allowing content producers -and consumers- to directly benefit from popular and accurate content on the network. PredictEV rewards content creators with crypto-tokens for making popular, accurate predictions. PredictEV is risk-free and helps fans engage with sports betting in an approachable way. The network supports live, in-game predictions with conversational chat, as well as in-depth pre-game analysis.

Ultimately, Building a rewarding way to discuss events, PredictEV gives anyone a stake in the outcome of those events without risking a dime. PredictEV’s technology is aimed at helping true experts have verifiable track-records, helping to separate the signal of expertise from the noise of the internet.

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