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FanFood Aim to Maximize the Guest Experience and Improve Concession Sales at Sporting Events with Their App


Have you ever met anyone who actually enjoys waiting in line – particularly, at sporting events? We all know that concession stands can be extremely chaotic at live events, meaning that most likely fans will be waiting in line for a very long time, and missing a lot of the action.

Dustin Hemesath, Will Anderson, and Carson Goodale, understood this pain and decided to co-found FanFood, a concession sales management software startup, that works by providing users with a means to order their favorite concessions directly from their smartphones.

FanFood is a mobile ordering platform and can, therefore, be downloaded on iOS or Android. It is dedicated to enhancing the guest experience at live events, by enabling fans to explore concessions, order-ahead for express pick-up, or in some stadiums get them delivered to their seat.   

The app works by enabling fans to order from their device, delivering the orders to the concessionaires, and notifying fans when their food is ready. All that’s left to do is to grab the food at the express pick-up stands and skip the lines – while not missing a minute of the action.

The company helps stadiums become cashless and is designed to take the pressure off concession lines, improve staff efficiency, and increase sales. By enabling concessionaires to conduct efficient, secure cashless transactions, FanFood is able to reduce costs associated with security and manpower involved in cash transactions, greatly reduce wait times at the register, and increase concession profits to deliver the best fan experience.

The app is safe, secure, and easy-to-use. With over 25,000 users on the platform, FanFood is executing events every day, and plan to go one step further by integrating with POS partners and increase fan segmentation and improve business data to ensure you remain up to date with all that is happening in your business.

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