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Equibase Leverages Information to Serve Fans and Promote the Sport

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When it comes to gaining racing information, there’s no better company than Equibase. Equibase Company was formed as a partnership between The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations (TRA) of North America. It serves as the Thoroughbred industry’s official database and was formed in 1991 to provide the Thoroughbred racetracks of North America with a uniform, industry-owned database of racing information and statistics. When Equibase was formed, their main mission was, and still is, to put racing information back in the hands of the industry so that it could be made as widely available, attractively presented and affordable as possible to fans.

Equibase has sought to leverage emerging communications technology for the overall growth and betterment of racing. The company established one of racing’s first websites, delivering racing information to fans via this medium. Since then, Equibase has become a daily stop for fans as they have quickly emerged as a leading provider of value-added information and services.

Through its website, upgraded mobile platform, and mobile applications, Equibase offers a comprehensive menu of handicapping products of every skill level, statistical information, and video race replays that can be followed by fans in real-time and at their own convenience. Equibase also offers Virtual Stable, the popular free e-mail notification service that keeps customers apprised of racing activity that is important to them; and Stats Central, where fans can find expanded horse, jockey, trainer, owner and track statistical profiles, all free of charge.

Now, Equibase has teamed up with Total Performance Data – a GPS technology partner – to be able to provide comprehensive data for each runner during the entirety of the race. This can be used to drive on-screen graphics, as well as, positions and margins for charts. Also, GPS has great promise to track workouts, which would add race-like accuracy to those morning preps. Over the next year, Equibase plans to expand the number of GPS installations and make more progress.

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