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Diamond Kinetics Is Creating Engaging Experiences to Help Players Improve


When it comes to the sporting world, all players understand that to make it big, they must constantly try to improve their skills. And, luckily with today’s technological capabilities, improving your game has only been made easier with the use of data analytics.

C.J. Handron, William Clark had a passion to help players reach their full potential, and so combined their desire for sports to create a cutting edge motion analysis and skill improvement tool – Diamond Kinetics.

Diamond Kinetics develops motion data and analytics of Baseball and Softball for players and their coaches. The company enhances the sport by creating engaging experiences that help players improve and also have fun. Diamond Kinetics have developed two main solutions: the SwingTracker, and their PitchTracker for softball and baseball.

PitchTracker Smart enhances the learning and training experience for players of all levels, helps them to understand how to increase velocity, and improve their skills, while also having fun as they train. Alongside the mobile app, PitchTracker for Baseball and Softball provides an in-depth, comprehensive pitching analysis for data-driven player development. On the app, players can evaluate, analyze, and understand metrics and data that will help improve the game.

PitchTracker Smart mimics the exact look and feel of a regulation-spec, leather-grain baseball, giving it familiarity and durability that players and coaches will understand and appreciate.

SwingTracker, much like PitchTracker, it enhances the learning and training experience for players. The bat is small, lightweight and simple to set-up. The SwingTracker bat sensor allows for a clean, consistent swing each time, thereby, allowing players to obtain clear and detailed performance metrics – through the mobile app – to facilitate their improvement efforts.

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