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DashTag Makes Personal Football Tracking Easier Than Ever

The Dash

Imagine a world where you can create an equal playing field for competitive soccer players. Athletes of all ages, levels, and backgrounds have the same opportunities to improve their skills and pursue their dreams. With DashTag this dream becomes a reality.

DashTag builds a global sports community by offering a technology platform to the amateur teams which is currently only reserved for the professionals. Co-founded by Epco Berger, Cliff de Roode, and Dirk van den Berg due to their passion to bring the ambitious football player that extra experience, DashTag developed ‘the Dash’ – the first player-centric football tracker.

This tracker provides stats for individual football players to track their progress and share it with their friends, coaches or scouts. The personal data is synced in the DashTag app, giving instant access to personalized stats after every game or practice. The metrics are pace, agility, power, and stamina.

The key features of the ‘Dash’ are:

  • Colorful football tracker, worn with no other additional accessory
  • Press and play
  • Clear Fifa-like Stats for instant overview
  • Detailed performance minute-to-minute highlights of every session
  • Highly accurate measuring including low, medium and high-intensity sprints

With DashTag players can take accountability for their own physical progress, share their performance metrics, and even strengthen their profile for college recruiting.

DashTag unlocks FIFA game like stats to every football player in a very easy way. After playing, players get their own sports data pushed to their favorite messaging platform, just seconds after they stop playing. The football designed wearable and sports bot allow individual players to get instant access to their stats – which means they will be even more engaged as they want to beat their stats.

So, essentially this platform is your free speed, fitness, strength coach, that will get you all the results you are looking for.