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Deltatre Is Providing a Range of Digital and Broadcast Solutions for the World’s Largest Sports Events


Deltatre is a sports media services company that provides consulting services for videos, webs, graphics, and sports businesses. The company was co-founded by Giampiero Rinaudo and Luca Marini, due to their joint passion of streamlining sports events. Their main mission is to become the leading worldwide IT and media services provider for the sports and entertainment industry.

The company has a portfolio of services that can be integrated to provide a solution that allows their clients to monetize every aspect of their sporting events. These services can be broken down into the following product lines:

Digital Media Product Line.

Powered by their content management system, their digital media service enable sports content owners to bring the live sports experience to fans around the world. Thereby, enabling them to promote enhanced enjoyment and fan participation.

Video Product Line.

Deltatre’s video platform uses advanced, web-based tools, to manage sport media assets. The platform manages everything from ingestion to logging, editing, searching and streaming as well as production tools for broadcast, broadband, and mobile.

Result system Product Line.

Deltatre provides Results Services such as on-screen graphics, results systems, commentator information systems, live tracking systems, and data gathering services for live events.

Graphics Product Line.

Deltatre’s graphics services enable the delivery of complex event data as sophisticated and captivating graphics. Graphics are rendered in real time and delivered in either SD, HD or 3D.

All in all, Deltatre provides robust and cost-effective solutions for the gathering and managing of data, images, and video generated by sporting events.

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