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Firstvision Let Viewers Experience the Action from the Players Perspective

Football Game

Have you ever felt like you are watching a sports game but are unable to enjoy the actual feeling of being a part of it? Well, that feeling is now in the past, as with new technology, viewers can now experience and feel the game as if it were them playing, due to Firstvision and their innovative technology.

Firstvision have created the first-ever virtual reality body-cam that allows sports viewers to fully immerse themselves into the sports action by experiencing the action from the players and referees perspective – in full-HD.

Firstvision was founded in 2014 by Jose Huertas and Roger Antunez due to their wish to develop products that bring the true reality of sports closer to fans. The body-cam contains two cameras – front and back- which records the action in 360º field of vision to enable users to truly feel and see all, through the eyes of their favorite sports idols.

To accomplish this, Firstvision integrates the most advanced audiovisual and radio transmission technology into elite athletes’ kits and protective gear. As of right now, they are the leading  Body-Camera supplier for Sports Broadcasting and the only company in the world offering a Player-Camera that can transmit an athlete’s point of view, live, during an official match or tournament. More so, their technology is the only one that athletes can wear in official competitions thanks to the highest Safety and Comfort standards in place today.

With their technology, Firstvision manages to broadcast the best live action from the players and Referees POV to enhance fan experiences, and generate new sponsorship revenues for Broadcasters and Professional Sports Leagues.