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Edge Up Sports Delivers Health and Performance Data with Their App

American Football

In the sporting world, trainers, players, coaches, and fan fanatics all have one thing in common – besides their love for their chosen sport – their high demand for sports data. Luckily, with today’s age and technological capabilities, there is no shortage of rich and informative content, both on the field and off. That being said, while there’s more information than ever, turning that information actionable goals is the most crucial element.

And, it’s exactly here where Edge Up Sports comes to the help. Founded by Ilya Tabakh Edge Up Sports look to shape the future of sports analysis, by doing the hard work for their users. Their main goal is to collect and analyze every piece of sports content they can get their hands on, to generate and provide users with actionable insights, that will help them make more informed decisions in sports.

At Edge Up Sports they look to leverage their technology to give everyone around the field a more well-rounded perspective of the sports world around them. Through key partnerships and Videometrics capabilities; they are able to deliver unique insights and trends in addition to player performance metrics.

By strategically placing sensor-tracking video cameras on the playing field, users can follow the action, and translate it into performance insights. Athletic trainers, players, and coaches can use this comprehensive data to help them keep the focus on what matters the most – improving the game. With the ability to get the video in their hands more quickly, and continually improving the insights they provide; Edge Up Sports look to systematically deliver health and performance, and enable injury detection, reduction, and prevention.