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Crowdsight Powers Sponsors to React and Reward Fans


As time has gone on, it seems like consumers and brands are becoming more and more misaligned. These days, brands are increasingly adopting a new M.O. of delivering as much content as possible – regardless of its worth. And, while content is king, having too much generic content turns prospective customers off and leads to them to turn to ad-blocking tech.

Nevertheless, brands still need to communicate, right? Therefore, it’s important for them to find a way to realign with customers – this can be done with Crowdsight. Leading the shift away from an over-reliance on ad-serving, Crowdsight is a mobile platform that enables sponsors to better operate at live events, by capturing the most valuable fan-generated recordings of events in exchange for sponsored rewards.

Founded in Dublin by John Fennessy in 2015, their vision is to help brands replace ads by creating an advocacy network that leverages existing advocates who have high Net Promoter Scores, and using them to create clickable social content that generates a higher return on investment.

Their technology builds a database, manages engagement, and directs conversations to user’s advocates, to ensure that a brand can rely on individuals to drive organic discussions. Crowdsight enables brands to reduce ads by tracking and measuring shoppable social posts that the fans create to better illustrate actual sponsorship value and use social analytics data to drive their digital activation efforts forward. By doing so, they are able to increase click-through rates and purchases and drive down the cost per acquisition.

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