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Atleto Connects Athletes to Create the Best Sports Experience

Playing Together

In this age of connectivity, it’s rare to find a group of people struggling to connect and engage with others. But, this was the case for many athletes who were seeking to find like-minded individuals to engage with – until ATLETO was introduced.

ATLETO is a social sports app that was born out of the connectivity frustrations felt by Patrick Lundgren the CEO and founder of the app.  

This platform is the ultimate connectivity tool for, as it brings athletes of beginner and advanced fitness levels alike together, to maximize their workouts – though support and encouragement -, and meet other athletes in their area looking to reach the same goals. The app connects athletes based on interests, skills, levels, and passion for the same activities. More, users can discover athletes of the same skill level by leveraging a ranking system of ability built in the app.

The app provides athletes with the means to find the perfect sports, and fitness activities for them, and lets them host or attend fun-filled fitness activities. With over 40 sports to choose from worldwide, such as yoga, hiking, swimming, dancing, and tennis, every athlete has the opportunity to come together, connect, bond, and grow their network.

After sweating it out, users can turn to the app to rate their fellow athletes on effort, sportsmanship, level of support, and physical capabilities in order to further the ensure optimum fitness matches in the future, and feel secure that they can engage comfortably without fear of being outmatched.

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