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ROWCUS ‘Sixth Sense’ Technology Aims to Help Rowers Feel Where They Are Going


The expansion of technology has thrust the sports industry into a new era. One that is filled with innovative companies attempting to make a change for the better – in the sport of their choosing. One company who’s attempting to make a significant difference in the rowing world is ROWCUS – an intuitive navigation aid for rowers.

All rowers are familiar with the difficulties that come along with the sport. Not only must they propel the boat in a backward direction – therefore they cannot see where they are going – but also, turning around is dangerous – due to the risk in boat damages, injuries, or worse. For this reason, avid rowers Kai v. Petersdorff-Campen and Sophie Lohmann decided to co-found ROWCUS.

ROWCUS comprises of two devices – a sensor and a chest belt. The chest belt contains vibrating elements and is worn on the users back. If the sensors detect an obstacle, the user will feel a vibration on the same side on their back. The stronger the vibration, the more steering necessary. The technology intends to instill trust in the user while giving them steering instructions and keeping the user safe.

The rowing technology start-up was founded with the main goal to help rowers feel, focus, and flow without encountering any problems. The company’s main activity is the development of a navigation aid for rowers, to increase their safety and focus. In other words, ROWCUS aims to become eyes at the back of rowers head to keep track of what’s ahead, while rowers can fully concentrate on optimizing their technique.