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Ride On Create New Experiences With Their Cutting Edge AR Lifestyle


Can you envision a world where augmented reality combines seamlessly with any type of outdoor activity? Alon Getz could, which is why he created RideOn – a cutting-edge AR wearables company who aim to provide their users with a unique experience in their everyday lives.

By harnessing the power of technology, RideOn weaves digital information into the real and creates new experiences for a variety of activities, such as skiing and snowboarding. Getz combined his love for the outdoors and tech to help people lead a digitally connected lifestyle – through RideOn’s AR products. Their flagship product, RideOn AR ski goggles were designed for skiers and snowboarders who want an enhanced, visually interactive experience on the mountain.

RideOn goggles have an integrated display, a camera and computing power embedded in the device. Using a combination of inertial sensors, GPS, and an HD video cam, the users navigate a floating UI using only their line of site. This hand-free experience allows users to keep their phones in their pockets and their hands to stay gloved and warm. Through RideOn goggles, the user can visually interact with the world around them, communicate with friends using audio and video, discover friends’ locations, and even throw a virtual snowball.

Even more, with the goggles navigation options, users can find ski lodges, restaurants, and bars – all highlighted in their field of vision, and they can even monitor ski lifts to find out locations and wait times.

There are so many hands-free options available through the use of these goggles – and they are only the beginning. RideOn is working on reimaging other fields such as aviation, and sailing, with their AR technology in order to be the driving force for a connected future and active lifestyle.