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Fanai Use Data Insights to Help Their Clients Make Effective Investments


The new age of sports has brought about a change in the way clubs, teams, organizations, and businesses in the sports realm perceive their fans. Naturally, fans and supporters have become integral to the success and operations of any sports club, and therefore, the doors have been opened for businesses to identify and understand their fanbase – in order to reach the right fan at the right time.

One business that operates in this manner is FanAI – an AI-driven Audience Monetization platform that focuses on esports. They work to unlock the value for teams and their sponsors by making their audience data actionable. They do this by taking real social and purchasing information to learn where fans spend and engage. From this, they obtain actionable insights that can be utilized in optimizing spending and creating effective investments.

FanAI was cofounded Johannes Waldstein, Dieter Neujahr, Chris Dowell, due to their combined passion for Big Data and competitive sports. They understood that in order to sell more sponsorships and ultimately drive more revenue, they would need to find a way to target and reach their fans effectively – which is where FanAI comes in to play.

FanAI enriches data that teams and leagues already have and enable their clients to revolutionize the way they approach sponsorships and connect with fans. They understand the power of data, and that the key to creating better fan experiences lies in presenting data in a forthright and honest fashion. At the end of the day, their platform turns data into action and channels the results into a sponsor’s bottom line.

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