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Automated Video Creation Platform WSC Sports Broadcasts Events in Real-Time


Over the last decade, the rapid growth of technology has reinvented the way people consume and interact with sports. Now, with various apps and platforms, compelling new dimensions have been added to sports. These changes have opened the doors for fans to have a number of ways to engage with their favorite teams.

One platform that is utilizing new technologies for their benefit is WSC Sports Technologies. Founded in 2008 by Daniel Shichman, Aviv Arnon, Shmulik Yoffee, and Hy Gal, WSC Sports is a video creation platform that uses AI to scan and analyze sports broadcasts in real time. The co-founders’ passion for sports and never missing specific moments is what led them to create this platform. WSC Sports works to identify each event that occurs in a given game. With this data, the platform generates customized highlights of every player, team and moment and publishes to any digital destination. These short personalized videos answer any imaginable demand fans have.

This seamless and frictionless workflow enables partners to instantly generate and distribute professionally edited videos at a large scale. More so, partners can maximize their exposure, create innovative monetization opportunities and boost their fan engagement.

WSC Sports provides the best way to extract value from sports broadcasts, enabling the creation of new content that answers the diverse demands of multiple stakeholders – broadcasters, federations, leagues, teams, sponsors, and brands while driving fan interaction, hype, and interest.

The platform is being used by leading sports media brands to better leverage sports content, increase fan engagement, strengthen fan loyalty, and create top-notch marketing and promotional opportunities.