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PlaySight Capture All Sports Action so Fans Never Miss a Moment


The internet has opened up a number of opportunities for connection – and in the world of sport, this is extremely important. Yoram Bentzur, Chen Shachar, and Evgeni Khazanov understood how a connection can open the doors for young athletes and decided to co-found PlaySight.

Playsight is an all-in-one sports technology platform that brings sophisticated video and analytics technology to every athlete. Their core lies in developing the next generation of training, simulation systems for sports, and connecting and inspiring athletes to equip athletes in their pursuit of improvement.  

By harnessing the power of technology, PlaySight makes courts, gyms, fields and rinks Smart by installing high-performance AI software and connected camera technology. Once installed, the smart courts provide a variety of services and benefits to athletes, coaches, teams, and fans. These benefits range from automatic production broadcasting and advanced coaching tools to VAR and a content platform to store, manage and share video, statistics, and analytics. From the PlaySight app, users can review and share sports data, and watch game live streams.

As technology has evolved the way sports are coached, played, and consumed, PlaySight focuses on delivering the same technological experience to all levels of the sport all over the world.
The company has close to 1000 Smart Courts already installed and hope to introduce this technology to many more across all sports.

This cloud-based sports technology company is driven by AI and deep learning to connect the physical and digital world of athletes. The smart courts communicate and track personal activity using sensors to mobile devices, and manage and share career statistics and sports highlights.