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Goal Shouter Lets Users Create Special Content by Commenting on Games Live


Football teams of any level understand the struggle of constantly generating rich and engaging content for their supporters – especially as 99% of games and matches are not on broadcast on TV. Therefore, at times it can be very hard for fans to receive real-time updates on their favorite games, and they can easily miss key match moments.

Due to their passion for football and frustration of lack of coverage, Daniele Galiffa, and Gabriele Venier saw these missed moments as an opportunity. They came up with a way for football teams to be able to always keep fans in the loop by creating and co-founding GoalShouter.

Goalshouter is a free platform where users can create professional live coverage for all that happens on the football pitch. Through the use of a free and easy cloud sourcing platform, football teams can collect and share game data and stats in order to deliver detailed content to their supporters. This platform is perfect for clubs that don’t want to splurge on an expensive data collection system, as it can easily be accessed directly from smartphones.

Through the app, fans and football lovers can connect and interact with peers, and voice their passion. Also, non-professional clubs can utilize GoalShouter to play on equal terms with professional ones. Every club now has access to advanced stats and the ability to share their results live. All the content collected and success stats can be automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter feeds with sponsors, to increase visibility, and ensure supporters stay up to date by receiving detailed real-time statistics, photos, and videos.