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Kinetic Analysis Improve Life Quality with Human Motion Data


In this technological era, opportunities for innovation are endless. Entrepreneurs have more chances than ever to apply their original ideas to the latest technology and IoT solutions.

Which is exactly what Maarten Gijssel – a clinical health scientist and sports physiotherapist – did. His passion and interest in deriving useful objective measurements and creating an impact with human motion data led him to create Kinetic Analysis.

Kinetic Analysis is a Dutch startup that was founded in 2012 to improve life quality using human motion analysis. By using next-generation sensors and customized measurement tools, Kinetic Analysis manages to capture and identify the slightest movements of the human body while in motion. From the highly accurate data results, the company works to build a series of innovative products that will improve people’s lives.

Turning data into information for specific users which leads to the development of innovative products and services that are altering the way we work on a daily basis and perceive the human body and its capabilities. Also, this leads to new insights into improving the quality of life through aging.

The company creates individual products by turning the data gathered into information for specific users, and then creating suitable products such as wearables and smart textiles that alter the way we work on a daily basis. Even more, these products improve the human body’s capabilities to improve users overall performance.

Kinetic Analysis aims to become pioneers in the development of smart devices for human motion measurement with their original ideas. With their continuous data collection, they proceed to better the accuracy of their algorithms and technology to further advance their attempt at improving our quality of life.