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Mobile Fantasy Sports App MyDFS Aim to Connect Fans Around the World


We all know that most fan fanatics live, breathe, and sleep sports. And, with professional sports being a billion-dollar industry, there are countless ways for fans to get involved and interact with their favorite sports, teams, and idols. As of right now, the latest innovative way to engage and get involved is through the use of daily fantasy sports.

In fantasy sports, users can create a virtual team of professional athletes online and earn points based on their real-life performance – which this is where MyDFS comes into play. Founded by Viktor Mangazeev, MyDFS is a blockchain powered daily fantasy sports app, that connects sports fans around the world on their mobile devices in a transparent and easy-to-use manner.

MyDFS supports a number of sports such as Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, American football, and Cricket. Through the use of smart contracts and Blockchain technology, the app guarantees safe and transparent transactions at every moment from player trades to receiving winnings. Also, users can check all transaction history, in-game stats, other users’ teams and scoring rules at any time, thereby making the whole process transparent at all times.

MyDFS aim to make the gaming process as simple and straightforward as possible by providing users with an easy-to-use interface to ensure users trust that the game is fair. More so, the platform focuses on instant payments. So, users can forget about dealing with the middlemen and be happy to see their money directly in their account.

MyDFS use a number of leading sports data providers to always up-to-date information and constantly be able to deliver real-time sports stats for their users. Therefore, once again ensuring the game is fair and users feel comfortable to enjoy the game at ease.