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Sweatcoin Aim to Make People Active by Converting Their Steps into Currency


Much has been said about the huge benefits that have arisen from the technological era. However, most people have failed to note that along with improved technology, societies level of physical activity has drastically reduced. Hiding behind out smartphones and smart screens all day long leaves little room for motivation to get active.

Anton Derlyatka understood that this was an increasingly worrying problem, and therefore decided to combine sport and new technologies to found Sweatcoin, a step counter and activity tracker app that pays users in digital currency the more they move.

This currency -sweat coins- once accumulated can be spent on gadgets, sports kits, fitness training classes, healthy nutrition courses, and more all from vendor partners or even other users. As of May 2018, Sweatcoin has partnered with over 400 vendors that now accept sweat coins as a form of payment via the app’s marketplace. More so, users can opt to donate the sweat coins to charity or exchange them with friends and family.  

Derlyatka’s mission is to motivate people to become more physically active and fight the ever-growing obesity problem, that is not only rapidly spreading across the globe, but also is costing the global economy billions every year.

As of now, Sweatcoin has converted 2,610, 757, 843, 023 steps, and counting! Their technology uses a phone’s accelerometers and GPS to track and verify steps. For every 1000 outdoor steps, users make 0.95 in sweat coins. Sweatcoin’s solution works to provide users with immediate gratification for their physical activity by letting them spend their virtual money on real goods and services.

As the app has 4.5M users on a weekly basis it seems that this concept of ‘paying’ people to become fit is being executed excellently and will only continue to grow.

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