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Keemotion Is Revolutionizing the Way Sporting Events Are Produced with Their Motion Following Technology

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Sport is more than just a simple pastime, it’s a passion. But, sometimes we are limited to how much we can interact and engage with our favorite teams and sports. Luckily, Keemotion is changing the game on how we interact with online game footage with their innovative technological solution.

Keemotion is the automated production solution connecting the arena for teams, leagues, and fans. With their ‘Motion Following Technology’ system, users can autonomously create live recordings of sporting events – eliminating the need for an on-site production crew.

Co-founded by Alexandre Bustamante and Damien Delannay to combat the problems in broadcasting sporting events. They understood that due to a combination of content rights, price, production quality, audiences, and other factors, many sporting events aren’t broadcast live. Focusing mainly on basketball and volleyball, Keemotion to opens up the number of sporting events available for viewing and better connects fans to their teams. With their technology, video production costs are dramatically reduced and content quality is increased, thereby, opening up the events marketplace.   

Their specialized technology detects and tracks player movements while following the game to create scoreboard interaction. This technology enables coaches to analyze, break-down and share game footage real time during training. More so, fans can utilize this platform to watch a sporting event live and share it with their friends on social media.

Keemotion is being leveraged by professional basketball leagues in nine countries, capturing more than 4,000 games and practices per year. Users have access 24/7 to all practices and games – from any device, anywhere, anytime. This fast growing company is hoping to grow wider and one day introduce fully automated video production to every sport, at every level.


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