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Sport Heroes Group Inspire, Motivate, and Reward People to be more active


When it comes to being active, it can be very easy to lose motivation and just lazy about – especially if you have a jam-packed tiring schedule. But, finding time to fit in sport into our routines or general wellbeing steps is very important to living longer and happier lives. And this is something that Boris Pourreau, Michel de Guilhermier, and Jean-Charles Touzalin understood very well, which is why they co-founded the Sport Heroes Group in 2014.

Sport Heroes Group is a wellbeing startup made up of a great number of sports, wellness and technology experts that aim to support and encourage young generations in their approach to sport and being active. With offices in Paris, London, Sydney, and Auckland Sport Heroes Group are able to use digital platforms to engage large audiences around their preferred sport while delivering a personal service which touches upon emotions, experiences, and values.

Based on three core pillars of inspiring, motivating, and rewarding, Sport Heroes Group allows brands to communicate through their tool. With over 1 million users, 300 partners such as Nike, UNIQLO, and UNICEF, and 100 corporate clients Sport Heroes Group have managed to build and animate communities of sport enthusiasts. These sports enthusiasts together can support each other and build a strong support network for other users.

With this tool, brands can utilize expert support to easily achieve their projects in sports and wellbeing, More so, corporate companies can use this technological solution to engage their employees and spread a positive company culture.  

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