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All Square Is Connecting Golfers with Their Platform


All Square is a global social media platform for golfers. Co-founded by national golf champions Patrick Rahme and Arthur De Rivoire, All Square introduces digital technology as a key factor in golf to harness passion on a community level. Rahme ad De Riboire’s believe that their ambition of making All Square the world’s leading marketplace and social network for golfers will make the world of golf more open and connected – and through this golfers will be able to enhance their online presence, grow, and succeed.

The app can be enjoyed for personal use or utilized by golf clubs as a tool to communicate with members, attract visitors, and keep people updated with all that’s going on in the club. The tool is very extremely simple to set up and navigate. Golfers and clubs can link their Facebook and Twitter accounts to be able to update all social networks at once. It’s not only an enjoyable app for all golfers, but also is the perfect tool for clubs to increase their visibility and become influential advocates by recommending and talking about their favorite courses.

With many user-friendly features in the app, such as photo uploading, built-in chat, suggestion mode and so on, users can enjoy receiving a comprehensive guide on all things golf, all from one place. In the app, users can easily explore 33,000 golf courses around 180 countries. Users can even check out the trending section to discover over 200 categories of golf courses and resorts – making it easy for golfers to discover golf courses. Also, users can even browse through courses played by friends and other community members and discover how they rank compared to other golfers.