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Metrica Sports Take Performance Analysis to The Next Level


The sporting world is one that never sleeps. With fans strong passion and love for sports, cheering their favorite teams, and hundreds of thousands of players pulling out all the stops, it sounds like sports have made a significant impact on people worldwide.

Bruno Dagnino, Ruben Saavedra Pascual, and Enzo Angilletta wanted to nurture this passion by developing an innovative solution that empowers a constant evolution in the sporting world – this solution is named Metrica Sports.

These three co-founders utilized innovative technology swarming the market to create a revolutionizing performance sports analysis platform that, analyses team performance, helps athletes improve their skills, and creates a deeper connection between teams and fans.

group of woman playing soccer game

With this tool, clubs can transform raw data into an actionable output. We all know that all teams, coaches, and athletes are different – and so are the needs and analysis required to fit the team.

Metrica combine data and video to provide clubs with a fast, unique, and easy way to obtain the most relevant data. They have two main features; detecting key moments through the use of pattern-recognition technology, and providing users with the ability to create full match video visualizations.

With these features, clubs can analyze anything they are interested in identifying – including key things that can be hard for the human eye to detect – and receive precise data that is adapted to their specific needs. Players can see the hard facts in a visual way, adding a powerful interaction between players and coaches, and ultimately helping them improve their performance and skill set.