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Accredito Is Making Communication Easy


When it comes to sports clubs, associations, equipment providers, supplement providers, and so on, it can be hard to find a way to effectively communicate, organize, and manage all events taking place – ultimately resulting in chaos.

Accredito, founded by Tomasz Swietlikowski, is the first online cloud-based SaaS software that provides their services to all sports providers and services. Press offices, media agencies, editorial offices, and journalists working in the sporting world can easily navigate Accredito’s single database to manage their public relations and events.  

With their innovative tech, Accredito makes communication easy and helps users save on valuable time and resources. The multi-function database enables users to easily manage contacts, prepare and send press releases, efficiently communicate with the media, configure press stands, select seats for journalists, and more.

Accredito is integrated with Twitter,, Apple wallet, PayPal, and various calendars, thereby providing press offices and journalists alike with a tool rich in functionalities.

Journalists can benefit immensely. From a single account, they have immediate access to multiple press offices, can gain important insights, and easily manage their accreditation requests. They can also communicate with their peers, and set up and organize interviews on their private calendar.

Press offices, also benefit from Accredito’s rich database, which enables them access to all registered journalists, grant accreditations, print ID’s for all journalists, configure and manage accreditation processes, and more.

By using the Accredito system, both journalists and press offices significantly save time and opens communication, to effectively run accreditation processes quickly and easily.