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Block Six Analytics Add Value to Sport Sponsorships with Their Tech


Block Six Analytics (B6A) is a rapidly growing technology and analytics company that enables companies to utilize data and maximize ROI on their sports sponsorship spend. With their SaaS platform and machine learning technology clients can determine the value of television viewable billboards, signage, calls-to-action, and social media conversation.

Founded by CEO Adam Grossman, B6A leading technology ensures that buyers and sellers of sports sponsorships are well informed so they can make the best data-driven decisions for their organizations. B6A leverages artificial intelligence to make three platforms; the partnership scoreboard, the media analysis platform, and the social sentiment analysis platform. Each of these platforms, in their own way, help users collect the data, understand what it means, and customize it to their needs. With B6A, buyers and sellers of sports sponsorships can swiftly optimize their portfolios, to deliver an effective service.

The partnership scoreboard is a SaaS platform that enables teams, leagues, brands, and agencies to analyze the value of their sponsorship assets in near real-time. The scoreboard identifies insights, measures performance, and facilitates communication to increase revenue for both buyers and sellers by using cross-channel sponsorship analytics, machine learning platforms, player performance models, and licensing models.


The media analysis platform uses machine and computer vision to automate the data collection and analysis process. This map measures broadcast viewable logos, objects, and people to determine the placement, prominence, and time it appears on screen – in other words, their value.  

Using machine learning, the social sentiment analysis platform evaluates social media posts in real-time across multiple networks. This is done to determine the overall sentiment, impression numbers, engagement levels, and value. With these strategic data-driven recommendations and insights, partners can maximize engagement with their target audience on social media.