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Blinkfire Analytics Measures Media Impact to Increase Engagement


From player transfers to new leagues, it’s clear that the sporting world is constantly rolling out new changes – which is great for fans, but when it comes to brands and franchises it can create some difficulties. Creating and publishing engaging content on digital and social media is key. But with the constant changes, some brands can get lost and find themselves wasting valuable time and resources.  

Co-founded by Steve Olechowski and Juan Luis Hortelano in 2011, Blinkfire analytics provides professional sports franchises and brands a platform to measure media value and fan engagement to further company ROI.

Created for the sporting world, this reliable, always-on, and real-time social media analytics platform, users can search for teams, players or brands, and receive updated social media statistics, knowledge, and data. Blinkfire accomplishes this by using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and proprietary computer vision technology. Right holders, players, agents, and brands have the ability to measure their own media value, and impact to understand how fans and sponsors engage with them, and adapt and evolve accordingly.

Their impressive technology allows brands to analyze social media consumption and brand engagement through text, images, and video to know what’s working and what’s not. Through the use of their search tool, brands can see how they are performing or what’s currently trending across 42 sports, 222 professional leagues, 3131 teams, 155.1k players, 2464 brands, and over 100M social media posts.

With the data collected, customers can renew sponsors, grow a digital and social presence, and encounter new opportunities from social media sponsorships.

With a long list of impressive customers, such as Toyota, Heineken, FC Barcelona, and more, it’s clear that Blinkfire is only going to continue to grow.