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Wingfield Aim to Make Tennis Courts Smart

Tennis player and coach on court

Wingfield, a sports technology company, provides amateur and professional tennis players alike with the statistics they need to improve their skill set.

Co-founded by CEO Maik Burlage and CTO Jaan Brunken in 2016, these former professional tennis players wanted to find another avenue they could pour their passion into and influence the tennis world for the better. Which is why they decided to create Wingfield, a system that transforms any regular tennis court into a smart court to make even the most amateur player feel like a professional.

Using step-by-step video analysis, courts equipped with Wingfield’s system offer players, regardless of skill level, the chance to playback the game and determine what can be improved.

As well as this, through the use of artificial intelligence and innovative image processing software, players receive in-depth data statistics on match scores, strokes, weak spots in the game, and so on. This post-match feedback helps players can learn where to improve and grow.


To transform any court, all that’s needed, is to install the Wingfield box – consisting of two cameras and a processor unit. Wingfield provides their system to tennis clubs, schools, and private academies. Users create an account and the data generated by the smart court is automatically uploaded to their account – which can be managed through the Wingfield app.

With Wingfield’s innovative platform, players can not only set goals for the future but also share and compare results and highlights with fellow players. Moreso, coaches can utilize the image processing software in their coaching and up their ability to provide a better coaching experience.