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Betegy Helps Calculate Smart Football Bets


Betegy, a sports technology company, provides its users with prediction statistics to help make informed bets on football games. They do this with a high-tech, self-automated algorithm that balances many different factors that go into the success of a game.

Betegy was founded in 2012 by Alex Kornilov and Vitaly Yastsunyk. Since then, they have formed many huge partnerships and have accurately predicted tons of sports outcomes. Betegy’s algorithm analyzes 50,000 different data points and combines them with mathematics and machine learning scripts to predict the outcomes for more than 29 leagues and cups.

The reliable, easy-to-use service is constantly updating to make sure it is as reliable and accurate as possible. The algorithm takes factors such as weather, motivational aspects, conditions of the pitch, odds from bookmakers, and general statistics into consideration. Additionally, it looks at an individual’s typical betting strategies used in the past. All of these different factors combined together help Betegy give reliable, effective football predictions.

One of the main focuses of Betegy is strategy. They know how important it is to take history into account and make sure it is incorporated into their service. Many tools are provided to users to help them make the most educated and intelligent bet that they can. Another one of these tools is an organized system to keep track of bets. Sports fans can add bets directly into the tracker tool, manage betting slips, track successes and failures, and integrate odds from major bookmakers.

With strategy in mind, Betegy is able to provide football fans with all of the tools that they need to make smart bets.