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20/20 Armor’s Electronic Chest-Guards Enhance the World of Martial Arts


There are many important details that go into the scoring of any martial arts match. 20/20 Armor, a company that makes electronic chest-guards, was created to help keep those details scored in an effective, engaging, and unbiased way.

Co-founded by CEO Ali Ghafour, 20/20 Armor caters to all sorts of different body types and skill levels. Although the product was originally created for Taekwondo, it also has applications for Karate, MMA, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Wing Chun, and Krav Maga. The chestguard can be used to keep track of progress in both training practice and official matches. Users can choose to wear the chestguard or use it as a punching bag for individual practice.

The 20/20 Armor product is simple to use and easy to understand. Just like a video game controller, there are four buttons used to control the product. The six-hour battery allows it to be used all day without interruptions, which effectively eliminates extra downtime during training. There are 10 different games offered, five one-player games and five two-player games, within the 20/20 Armor system. Athletes can use these games to help train for matches.

20/20 Armor makes martial arts training fun. The chestguard is like a real-life video game that presents trainees with exciting challenges. Each different game mode teaches different fundamentals of martial arts, while still creating an engaging and stimulating experience. By creating new technology that helps athletes train and score matches, 20/20 Armor is changing the martial arts world for the better.