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BurstVR Uses Virtual Reality for Football Training


Athletes spend a great deal of time practicing their skills and learning new strategies. For sports like football, that involve a taxing amount of physical contact, it is important to be practicing in the most efficient and smart way possible. While physical practice is important, so is strategy and development.

BurstVR has created a virtual reality product to help with off-the-field learning and practicing for American football. They are a division within the Raydon Corporation, which is a company at the forefront of virtual reality technology and training. BurstVR has taken the technology used to train soldiers in the U.S. Army and has altered it to be used for sports practice.

Lead by director Steve Strickland and operated within the Raydon Corporation, BurstVR’s mission is to “develop world-class sports training applications, allowing athletes to safely improve performance and excel in their sport.” The BurstVR headset works in conjunction with their IQB Trainer Mobile App. By putting your mobile device into the headset, users can access the library of training material. The training software includes a wide array of learning content, varying from different interactive challenges to teaching modules and analytics. The interactions and challenges are at game speed, allowing athletes to make game-time decisions to learn strategy.

Without having to run the risk of getting injured, BurstVR allows football players to get the practice that they need to succeed. Through high-tech virtual reality technology and a vast library of resources, BurstVR is a great resource for athletes.