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Catapult Sports Makes Wearable Technology for Sports Analytics

Jermain Defoe of Bournemouth during first day of training at the Marbella Football Center, Spain

In sports, it’s important for athletes to be able to track their performance so that they know how to improve and grow their skills. Catapult Sports was created in order to help make this process easier and more manageable.

Led by CEO Joe Powell, Catapult has grown to offer a range of products for athletes. There are three physical products: the Clearsky T6, Optimeye S5, and Optimeye S6. Each of these pieces of hardware is worn by athletes to help track different elements of their performances. Additionally, Catapult offers a software called Openfield to track an athlete’s progress.












The analytical software is extremely customizable to suit each team and athlete’s needs and preferences. Data can be looked at on an individual basis as well as together as a team. Openfield measures volume, injury risk, intensity, explosiveness, tactics, and sports-specific metrics. Users can map out their performance with benchmarks and compare different aspects of their games.

Wearable technology is Catapult’s key to helping athletes define their potential. By wearing the different hardware, it is easy to see progress. Each of the three products offers different features to help meet the needs of the specific sports and teams.

The algorithms used by Catapult are specific to each sport. Customized metrics can be measured based on the demands of that particular sport. Due to the differences in skills between football players and goalkeepers, there are specific algorithms for football goalkeepers and players on the field, too. Catapult’s innovative technology and hardware serve as amazing tools to aid the athlete’s in the development of their skills.