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FootballISM Manages Player Information With Ease

Ball in Football Field

Football is a fast-paced sport with many talented players. With so much going on on the field, it is important that there is comparable technology available to keep track of a player’s stats.

FootballISM is a platform that houses football players’ performance, statistics, and history all in one place. It keeps track of players’ and agents’ information in many different departments such as back-office, equipment, legal, scouting, administrative, technical, facilities, agents, medical, academic and psychological, and nutrition. FootballISM is the only sports analytics platform that is currently capable of conducting detailed cross-analyses of all of these different sections of a player’s profile.

With an easy-to-use interface, FootballISM is headed by Filipe Esteves and based off of experiences of the Academia de Alcochete in Portugal. The Sporting Clube de Portrugal is the only soccer club to have coached two FIFA World Players of the Year, Luís Figo, and Cristiano Ronaldo. This ensures that every important feature has been thought of and is included in the Football ISM platform.

FootballISM has one goal: to “equip clubs and academies with the digital platform that manages unlimited quantitative and qualitative assessment of data. [They] aim to provide club officials the best information for control and decision making of their assets.” By offering an extensive list of features and uses, FootballISM is able to help their users achieve this goal.

There are four plans offered: basic, pro, premium, and shot free. Users can choose which plan suits them best based on the different prices and features that come with each. Each FootballISM plan provides access to the user base and offers a variety of different languages. With so many benefits and features, FootballISM is the perfect way for players to build an extensive online profile.