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Spiideo Makes Recording in Arenas Simple

Spiideo App Example

There are many moments in sports that are often overlooked because they aren’t properly caught on camera. With one person controlling one camera angle, it is difficult to capture every important moment. However, Spiideo, a high-tech sports recording company, has found a way to fix that.

Spiideo uses 4K cameras to make sports video recording easy. With a mix of the 4K cameras, cloud storage, and AI, Spiideo provides plenty of features that enhance the overall sports recording process. Users can view live footage as well as recorded videos of sporting events and practices on iPhones, iPads, and even Apple watches.

Spiideo effectively eliminates the need for any camera handling or management. Once the camera is installed in an arena or rink, it can start recording at any time. The cameras feature a virtual panorama system as well, so it can record the entirety of the field or arena.

Co-created by CEO Patrik Olsen, Spiideo is used and trusted by clubs and teams around the world. Their unique technology contains a tagging feature, which can be used while watching live or while watching a recording later on. Users can place lines and arrows directly onto the footage to offer feedback, too. Coaches can change the angles and perspectives, zoom, create clips, and even make presentations.Teams can opt to use the collaboration feature to make the footage available to the whole team, or choose to only make it available for private use. This collaboration feature allows for players to make comments, tags, and responses on the footage.

To help give productive feedback to players, Spiideo offers player and team tracking. This tool can be used to track progress and provide analytics. Users can see a particular player’s pulse, distance, and intensity. Coaches and players can integrate these videos and analytics into other systems, as well, so that they can get the most use out of the footage. By using Spiideo, teams can effectively track and record their skills and stats.