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Equilab Equestrian App Lets You Track Your Progress


Equilab Horse is an app used by over 150,000 riders. The app lets you can track your beat, stride, gait, and distance, as well as, capture the movements of the horse! Using this app, you will be able to keep in touch with your co-riders, coach, and veterinarian- you can even arrange group ridings with other riders, and coordinate with your team. You can compare your actions with results, allowing you to find patterns in your training.

Equilab was co-created in June 2016 by physicist Adam Torkelsson after he realized that a training diary does not record the full information. After this epiphany, he created Equilab as a more efficient way to record the full story with the help of a smartphone. Equilab’s mission is to, “create technology to make the horse riding experience even more awesome.” Unlike most sports, which is only dependent on your movements, Equestrian requires you to pay attention to both your movement and your horses. This allows equestrians to focus on both themselves and their horses.

Linn Olsson, Equilab employee states: “All the information has really changed how I prepare for competitions and plan my off-season training, it moreover improved the way my coach can give me feedback.”