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Tech Startup Tokabot Wants to Increase Fan Engagement With their Platform

User chatting with chatbot in mobile application.

Tokabot was co-founded by Yaniv Levin and Ilan Leizgold after they realized that it would be great if there was a Social Engagement Platform for the sports and entertainment domains. Tokabot enables the sports ecosystem unique interaction with fans over time. Tokabot’s technology, allows dynamic creation of content in real time, reacting to real life triggers in prime time moments. These capabilities create new premium monetization channels for the sports industry stakeholders.

Tokabot platform re-invents fan engagement and interaction by creating real-time content that reacts to real-life triggers. This dynamic lets fans and brands experience the game together and feel more connected.

The app acts as a virtual friend that integrates into the conversation allowing for more personal communication. Their unique and innovative interaction allows for budding relationships to become long lasting while experiencing the match’s magical moments.

Tokabot CEO Yanic Levin said: ” We believe that social fan engagement, using Tokabot’s unique approach, is the key to the future of the entire sports ecosystem unlocking new opportunities for all stakeholders. Tokobot is a perfect fit for the sports betting segment, both from the business and the user excitement aspects. As a start-up company, we are looking forward to showing our strengths and ability.”

In exciting news, Tokabot is expanding over the upcoming World Cup and has teamed up with BWin, an online betting, and gaming company. Together they will introduce Tokabot’s interactive chatbot technology to the sports betting market just in time for kick-off in Russia. Also, they are partnering with the DFB – German Football Association – for the German Cup Final. So, check them out.