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Recently Launched Austin Startup Gives You Permission to Skip the Concessions Line

Standing in a concessions line is the absolute most antiquated activity still hanging around at 21st-century sporting events. Think about it. When you’re watching a game at home, you can order food from a mobile app and pay for it without having to leave your seat. Even theme parks have hacked the gigantic time wasters we call queues. They tell you when to come back and get on the ride with little to no wait time.

So, why do you still leave your seat in the top half of the 3rd to order a brat and a beer?

Partake says you don’t have to. They actually want you to stop waiting in line. They’re a brand new startup—January of 2018 brand new—that allows fans at participating venues to order and pay for the food and drinks they want without having to wait in line.

Their theory is that your smartphone should actually have smart capabilities, and their goal is to allow consumers convenience through phones and tablets while granting businesses the power to provide “quality service at a quality time.”

Quick Expansion

Lead by CEO Heath Barnett, Partake used 2017 to launch an MVP in Texas so they could get to know their customers and build a concessions solution that would provide great service. Since the first of the year, they’ve secured 20 venues in Texas, Nevada, and California. The Sacramento River Cats, a minor league baseball team, being one of those who have told their fans to keep their seats when they’re hungry.

Speaking to Partake’s executives, the River Cats President said this, “We have a couple thousand seats expecting in-seat service, and we have been looking for a mobile ordering option to eliminate the order takers. We have talked to everyone including VenueNext and Appetize, but they are all cost prohibitive. It seems like you guys have really figured it out.”

When Sports Tech Today asked about Partake’s goals for this year, Justin Day the CMO replied, “Partake partners with venues in the sports and entertainment industry and partners with local food trucks, bars, and restaurants to help drive traffic before, during, and after every event. Partake will be part of the customer journey every step of the way! We are already working with partners to add merchandise, ticketing, and more by the end of the year.” 

No Lines at SXSW

Until March 18th, Partake will be in full-force down the street from their headquarters in Austin, Texas at the uber-popular SXSW Conference & Festival. They’ll be helping customers skip long lines at the food trucks. Plus they had the additional fortune of participating in the Release It pitch event at SXSW last Friday.

They’ve virtually cornered the food truck market for the ten-day festival, cutting out long lines with vendors like Belly Up, Burro Cheese Kitchen, Dee Dee’s Northern Thai, juice Austin, Taco Flats, and more. This type of exposure should give Partake a good balance of consumers as well as potential partners and put them in an excellent position for future growth.