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FanFood Inc. Invited to Pitch at SXSW

Pizza delivery! Row 26, Seat 4! Careful, it’s hot!

Wouldn’t you like to be able to order a pizza directly to your seat during the big game? Imagine never having to fight the crowds during a timeout or stand in a terribly long line during halftime. You could order what you want when you want it. You would never have to depend on the whim of vendors stopping by your seat with everything except what you’re craving.

Attendees of the 2017 Formula One Grand Prix experienced first-hand the real convenience of in-seat concessions that they ordered from a mobile app.

If things go well next month, you could soon know the same convenience in an arena near you.

From Fast Food to FanFood

The organizers of the Startup and Tech Sectors Track invited FanFood Inc. to pitch at the ultra-popular South by Southwest event in Austin, TX. This ambitious startup allows users to order concessions from their mobile phones right to their seats during the sporting events. No more long lines. No more awkward drink caddies.

The team at SXSW selected FanFood as one of 50 finalists who will present at their 10th annual edition.

Well on their way to success, the startup app has raised over $400,000 to date and have a goal of reaching a $3 million dollar valuation cap after their next round of fundraising. They are currently live at eleven venues across the United States, including Avaya Stadium—home of the MLS San Jose Earthquakes. Other venues include golf courses, movie theaters, and college basketball arenas.

FanFood will present along with four other finalists on Sunday, March 11th. In a press release, Alexa Lemmo, Director of Operations for FanFood said “We’re elated to have been given the opportunity to showcase our business on the stage of one of the most innovative conferences in the world. We look forward to networking with potential investors, industry professionals, and fellow entrepreneurs.”

Two Main Goals

FanFood’s main goals are to provide an enhanced consumer experience while helping venue owners increase concession sales. Their selection as a finalist for the SXSW event bodes especially well for FanFood.

According to Chris Valentine, the SXSW Accelerator Event Producer, “Of those who have presented on stage, over 70% have gone on to receive funding in excess of nearly $4.63 billion. In addition, 16% of these companies went on to be acquired. We look forward to once again being a launching pad for startups to achieve some of their greatest successes.”

When asked about the roadmap for FanFood Inc., Lemmo told Sports Technology Today, “…we plan on transitioning away from staffing events, rather, focusing our efforts on creating an unforgettable fan experience through the use of technology.” She further related that they had several minor league baseball stadiums clearly in view.

No one should underestimate FanFood’s fundraising potential—given this important opportunity to present at the SXSW convention in Austin. The market exists and this technology certainly solves a decade-old problem for vendors. Given a large-venue adoption, and enough capital to build a reliable mobile app, FanFood Inc. has the potential to become the next big name to make a marked difference in the overall fan experience.