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Ontrack Connects Fitness and Health Through Technology

Working out at the gym can be very frustrated sometimes, you work very hard, 3 or 4 times a week but still don’t see any progress although you are lifting and running and doing everything right.

So what’s wrong? You usually don’t have anyone to support and explain what isn’t working. It can be your health, the food you eat or just your overall feeling that affects your results.

This is what is trying to solve, the app was created to serve as a platform that offers a way to connect users with others in a way that’s never existed before. The platform will not only serve as a revolutionary way for people to better understand and be more engaged with their health, but also as a way for end users, brand, gyms, coaches and all players in the industry to support collective global health.

Improve your health through brand rewards

The goal at OnTrack is to improve populational health through brand rewards and health insurance reimbursements. Through the mobile app, users are allowed to log their physical activity, nutrition and health data. Every health-oriented action through the app provides the user with points, which they can then redeem for rewards.

For health insurance companies, OnTrack acts as a 3rd-party data vendor in which they collect user health data, validate it, and then ultimately act as a “digital health wallet” through the app to handle reimbursements or even lower/raise member premiums based on their health data.

The startup also provides a web application solution for commercial gym chains and health clubs to have just one simple technology solution to manage all of their operations (billing, employees, classes, etc), implement IoT technology in their gyms if they choose, and to connect with all of their members through technology to drive up member engagement and revenue.