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This Cool App Will Teach You How to Kick Like CR7

Ever dreamed to kick free kicks like CR7? Messi? Neymar/Cavani? When they’re not fighting, of course. myKicks will help you understand how to do it right.

Currently, there is no way for football players of all levels and ages to analyze their ball striking skills to foster improvement without the use of specialized, expensive, and inconsistent equipment. The myKicks technology utilizes advanced computer vision and augmented reality on a smartphone to turn any ball into a smart ball. Initially focused on Football, this voice-activated app allows users to film their kicks and receive actionable ball metrics such as speed, placement on the goal zone and probability of goal. These metrics help users to become better players through leveling up over a series of challenges against virtual goalies.

This cool app is using advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to recreate an entire 3-D trajectory of the ball from strike point to goal plane crossing all on a mobile phone in real time. The app helps users improve through in session real-time feedback, gamification of skill development through level progression and storing of kick video’s and metrics for post session reflection and comparison.

A Huge Market To Kick In

FIFA estimates that there are over 300M serious players globally and a reported 700M casual players. According to Andrew Hall, myKicks CEO & CO-Founder, “myKicks initial target market is youth players (age 12-20) which account for 164M serious players (with up to 3X that amount of grassroots players) and growing at a rate of ~5% year on year.”

The app is free to download and includes an in app purchases focused on specific challenges and master classes that demonstrate how to improve kicking power and accuracy.

We believe that this is the future of free kicks practicing techniques and any club trying to improve their players skills will understand the power of the kick. Sorry, the app.


Check out this myKicks challenge. Do you think you can do better? Write in the comments below what is your score!