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Recruit Smarter, Not Harder with scoutSMART

Here’s a fact, finding the best recruits for college athletic programs is expensive, time-consuming and often doesn’t result in the right fit for the program or the recruit. This is where scoutSMART make the process more efficient and effective through predictive data analytics that helps college coaches identify the best recruits for their program based on their skills, stats and academic scores.

Helping Coaches to Find What They Need

It seems like that one of the problems among college coaches is to struggle and find the best recruits for their programs and as we all know, high school student athletes want to be found. While there are several paid services for students to use to help promote themselves to coaches, nobody is providing college coaches with a fully customization data analytics dashboard to help them surface and identify the best student athletes for their specific program’s goals and needs.

Another problem is the fact that they need to spend many hours on watching films to hopefully find the recruits they need to form a winning team. It’s not an easy task to target the right athlete and decide that he is the one for the team.

According to scoutSMART they solve exactly those issues. The online recruiting analytics platform takes the guess work out of recruiting and saves a ton of time. With an easy-to-use online tool users can view the data for all recruits and adjust the importance of certain elements based on the program needs and style of play. The proprietary analytics platform helps to identify the best recruits for the program based on the team’s specific needs

“The estimated market size for collegiate sports analytics is around $500M” told us Diane Bloodworth, CEO&Founder of scoutSMART “We are specifically targeting collegiate athletic programs that desire to improve their recruiting processes and results by using data and predictive analytics.”