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HitCheck Identifies Signs of Concussion Using Only a Smartphone

43 million U.S. youth participate in sports annually. Statistics suggest that 5 million of them will sustain a concussion this year, and only half will be diagnosed or treated. With mounting research and awareness on the dangers of undetected concussions, why do so may fly under the radar? The answer’s simple – warning signs are tough to spot with the naked eye and few youth programs have the resources for expensive testing equipment or on-staff medical personnel.

For Mike Piha, an entrepreneur and volunteer youth coach for 30 years, the void was inexcusable. He teamed up with a like-minded sports medicine physician to develop HitCheck, a mobile app that empowers everyday people to screen for signs of concussion in minutes—anywhere they play or practice—using only a smartphone.

Concussion Testing Made Easy

For the first time ever, concussion testing is an option for anyone who has access to a smartphone – whether you’re a professional athlete, athletic trainer, volunteer youth coach, or parent whose child fell off the jungle gym. HitCheck takes prevailing standardized testing methods and translates them into a short, simple mobile assessment users can administer immediately whenever and wherever a concussion is suspected.

Each test measures a specific aspect of brain performance, such as coordination, memory, reaction time, etc. Once the test is complete, HitCheck captures, records and compares these objective, quantitative results with your prior performance and highlights changes in brain functions that could require additional medical attention.

Just months into its soft launch, HitCheck has already secured more than 20K users from 12 sports across the U.S. and in Canada, as well as endorsements from NFL pros, including Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers and Michael Mauti of the New Orleans Saints.

The app is free for individual users and available to teams, leagues and organizations of all sizes for a modest per-team fee, which covers extra features like a roster upload tool, team management dashboards and player performance reports.