Major League Soccer’s (MLS) Houston Dynamo has successfully implemented Kitman Labs, a sports injury and performance analytics company, to make decisions in support of the team’s approach to game time, training, and treatment, the two organisations.

The Dynamo coaches use Kitman Labs’ to quantify and manage athlete risk, ensuring the best overall team performance across a long and often game-congested season.

Since deploying Kitman Labs, the club has seen 63% fewer injuries and 76% fewer days lost to injury. The club also experienced 88% reduction in strains and sprains, the most common and costly type of injury according to the Kitman Labs 2016 Injury Impact Index for Major League Soccer.

Paul Caffey, Houston Dynamo performance director said: “We have a strategy for using our players across the season, and having the right combination available and in peak performance is critical to our efforts.

“Kitman Labs is integral to executing on our strategy by providing the facts and objective measures about the readiness of our players that the head coaches and I use every day to determine how we train and manage game minutes for our athletes. The results so far this year already speak for themselves.”

“We are constantly innovating so that clubs have the best tools to achieve their growth, advancement, and playoff goals. It’s exciting to see one of our biggest innovations this year – analytics that quantify injury risk – contributing to the success of the Dynamo,” said Stephen Smith, founder and CEO of Kitman Labs. “We see a world, by finding meaning in all the data being collected, in which athletes can be bigger, stronger, faster, AND stay out of injury trouble.”

The Dynamo use Kitman Labs to collect, aggregate and analyze athlete data. They join a family of over 75 teams from five continents in nearly 30 leagues.