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Spire Health Tag Changes The Wearables Game With Near-Invisibility

Wearables can provide an athlete with valuable training insight. They can also provide the hassle of battery life, clunkiness and overall impractical product design. Spire Health, creator of the Spire Stone, is introducing a new product, eliminating many of those nuisances.

The Spire Health Tag flips the idea of a “wearable” on its head, avoiding common annoyances associated with these products. The device adheres to most commonly worn athletic clothing to provide heart rate data and in-depth analysis on sleep, stress and daily activity.

“Everyone has experienced that swing of emotions from anticipation, to dulled disappointment, to apathy when a new wearable doesn’t fulfill its promises,” Spire CEO and co-founder Jonathan Palley said in a statement. “The behavior change simply isn’t worth it. We created Spire Health Tag with the belief that the health wearable should be completely invisible unless it has something important to tell you in-the-moment. Only by making the wearable disappear can the industry drive better outcomes.”

As a whole, the wearable industry has been over-saturated with similarly-designed products. Because of this, many are weary to invest and the market as a whole remains on a downward trend.

Along with being nearly invisible, other factors separate the Spire Health Tag from similarly used products. It has a two-year battery life, leaving no need for constant charging. Athletes looking for greater physical analysis stand to benefit too — advanced health sensors measure breathing, allowing for a greater understanding of stress.

Download the mobile app and you’ll have access to programs that help you sleep better, stay active and reduce tension.

As published on SportTechie